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Your Professional Movers

When it comes to moving, no matter the distance, if you do not have everything in order, you may find yourself overwhelmed and stressed. Do not let moving get the best of you. Hire the experts at Nomad Logistics, LLC to take care of everything for you. Commercial or residential, we can handle your move, making it something you may actually enjoy instead of dread.

From your refrigerator to your office, our team of professionals makes your move simple. Walking through your entire move with you from start to finish, we provide a step-by-step process to help eliminate your stress. With an effective plan in place, we can better help you pack and move all of your belongings, putting your needs first. This process enables Nomad Logistics to ensure that your move is as efficient as possible and allows you to be organized in your move.



Our Services

As your reliable full-service moving company, we offer a wide range of moving services for both residential and commercial properties. Backed by years of experience and hands-on skills, each one of our team members is committed to making sure you are satisfied. Knowledgeable in both residential and commercial moving, we understand the difference and treat your property with the utmost care. Attending to your needs, we not only treat your belongings as if they were our own, we work around your schedule, arriving and helping when is the most convenient for you. Our overall goal is to make your move as simple as possible for you.

Aside from traditional moving services, our team also offers junk removal and storage to ensure all aspects of your move are taken care of. We are always happy to help you and our motive is to make your move stress-free. To schedule your moving or junk removal services, or for your free on-site estimate, contact us today.

1 Month Before Move

  • Reserve a moving company for your move as soon as possible. Nomad Logistics can assist with all aspects of your move.

  • Make sure you have the appropriate materials to pack up your home (boxes, packing tape, etc.).

  • Clean out closets, file cabinets, storage rooms and the garage.

  • Dispose of unneeded items ahead of time (garage sale, junk removal, charitable donation). Nomad Logistics can help with charitable donations and junk removal.

  • Complete a change of address form with Postal Service.

  • Notify all subscription providers, bank accounts, insurance companies, and any other memberships you may have of your move and new address.


1 Week Before Move

  • Start packing all non-essential items, be sure to label boxes with contents and destination in your new home. Make sure any fragile items are packed safely with protection.

  • Schedule utility disconnects/transfers for gas, electric, water, telephone, security, cable, and internet.

  • Cancel all maintenance and cleaning services as well newspapers and any other service you may receive.

  • Let your neighbors know you will be moving.


Day Before Move

  • Clean out refrigerator and freezer (be sure to thaw and dry freezer).

  • Make sure all items are packed and labeled with destination in new house, allowing for unpacking to be easier.

  • Be sure you have clothes, wallet, phone/phone charger, keys, snacks, and any other essentials you want to carry with you through the move in a suitcase or separate area.

  • Run through your checklist to ensure all services and subscriptions have been transferred or cancelled.

  • Relax and know that your belongings are in the best of hands.


This checklist should help you through your move, making it less stressful, allowing you to be more organized, and making moving day simpler for you.

Residential Move

1 Month Before Move

  • Reserve a moving company for your move as soon as possible. Nomad Logistics can assist with all aspects of your move.

  • Make sure you have the appropriate materials to pack up your office, such as boxes and packing tape.

  • Clean out closets, file cabinets, and conference rooms.

  • Dispose of unneeded items ahead of time.

  • Complete a change of address form with Postal Service.

  • Work with your building manager to streamline your move, they are an excellent resource and may help in the transition.


1 Week Before Move

  • Pack all items not necessary to maintain operations and label appropriately.

  • Cancel all subscriptions and services related to your building.

  • Make a plan for what items in the current office go where in the new building, this will make the move in easier and more organized.

  • Have employees move or get rid of all personal and non-essential items.


Day Before Move

  • Make sure all employees or at the very least managers know the plan for the move.

  • Limit employee participation in the move, Nomad Logistics can handle the heavy lifting after your plan is laid out and ready to go.


We want your office move to go smoothly and get you back to work in a jiffy. Using this checklist should help you get your office organized and ready to move buildings.

Commercial Move

Hassle Free

Nomad Logistics is excited to add storage to its services! Save the hassle of coordinating your home move and dealing with a storage facility. Do both with Nomad Logistics! After we move your home or office, we then put all valuables into our 4x8x7 fully sealed crates. When you're ready to move back into another home or building, Nomad Logistics will bring the storage items and move them in for you making it easy and convenient. Call today for pricing.


Junk Removal

Stress Free Removal

The most stressful part of moving can be removing all the unwanted items or outdated equipment in your home or office. Nomad Logistics takes care of all unwanted items when moving, or if not moving at all and just wanting to get rid of the items. We recycle everything we can first or take items to the dump if needed. Call today for pricing.